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This year, we are blessed to have couples who flew us to Japan for their engagement. It was the peak season in Japan where cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere and thousands of tourists picked Japan as their favourite holiday destination this year. It was crowded indeed and photographing there during the peak season was really challenging. We went to Tokyo + Kyoto for 2 days photo session. It was like we’re in a series of amazing race! Running to catch the bullet train to the next destination, carrying and lifting our luggages up & down the metro station, we barely catch our breath. It was very tiring indeed but despite all of that, we were still able to laugh, joke around, have fun with this amazing adorable couple, Kent + Erlina. They lived in Surabaya, Indonesia. Erlina love a sweet, romantic theme look for her engagement photo and one of the reasons she chose Japan as her destination was because of Disneyland. And here are their engagement photos , enjoy!


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