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It was always been my favourite part in every love story to know and to hear how each of our couples’ propose their loved ones. Some, they planned a very romantic theme with expensive gifts, flowers and decorations with the sign “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” presented in various ways. But others, tend to approach in a more subtle way because they are shy and they prefer not to do it in public area. Personally, i don’t think it matters how or the way you propose your love ones, the most priceless gift is your own effort to do it in your own perfect way. We, women always cherished every simple or little things that men did for us. We find it cute, charming, sincere, loveable and definitely touching.

Now, we would like to share with you some of those touching moments of our dearest friends, Chen and Anita. We knew Chen from his little sister, Angel who has used our services before for her pre-wedding and wedding day. He introduced his fiancee, Anita to us and we were excited in discussing their pre-wedding location this year. Just two days ago, we were in Bali and they were there too, except that we have a pre-wedding session before and they were on holiday with their friends. But, Chen has already planned something special for Anita. He was going to ask her to marry him and he contacted us, asking if we would like to help him document their special day. Luckily, we have nothing on that day and we said “Sure, we are coming over there right now.” We headed over to DOUBLE SIX beach in Bali and they were already there with their friends Mexson and Licha. We settled comfortable in our colourful beanie on the sand, enjoying cold beer as we watched the sun has began to set down and turned to gold. Anita never suspected anything since at the very beginning, Ted told her to look at his way and he started working his magic by performing a quick photo session on both of them. So here are their pictures, enjoy!


bali_proposal_achen_anita 1bali_proposal_achen_anita 5bali_proposal_achen_anita 6bali_proposal_achen_anita 3bali_proposal_achen_anita 2bali_proposal_achen_anita 7bali_proposal_achen_anita 8bali_proposal_achen_anita 4bali_proposal_achen_anita 9bali_proposal_achen_anita 13bali_proposal_achen_anita 10bali_proposal_achen_anita 11bali_proposal_achen_anita 14bali_proposal_achen_anita 16bali_proposal_achen_anita 22bali_proposal_achen_anita 15bali_proposal_achen_anita 12bali_proposal_achen_anita 18bali_proposal_achen_anita 17bali_proposal_achen_anita 19bali_proposal_achen_anita 23bali_proposal_achen_anita 24bali_proposal_achen_anita 25bali_proposal_achen_anita 26bali_proposal_achen_anita 27bali_proposal_achen_anita 28bali_proposal_achen_anita 21bali_proposal_achen_anita 29bali_proposal_achen_anita 34bali_proposal_achen_anita 32bali_proposal_achen_anita 30bali_proposal_achen_anitabali_proposal_achen_anita 33bali_proposal_achen_anita 20

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